Saluting Our Heroes

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Finally, the soldiers who have shown true bravery by refusing to evict Jews from their homes and instead chose to go to prison are being given the honor and respect they duly deserve. Posters plastered all over Israel invite the public to take part in an awards ceremony for their heroic obedience to Torah law despite the threats of the anti-religious government. It was only a Jew’s stubborn loyalty and obedience to Torah law that gave the Jews the strength to survive our long 2,000 year exile. Neither the fires of Spain, nor the Nazi concentration camps were able to break a Jew’s complete submission to Torah law.

While for the most part a Jew had to stand up to the seventy wolves who tried to devour us, today he must stand up to our own brothers. An internal enemy is far more dangerous than an external enemy and can cause much more harm.

Yet, despite all the Israeli left has done to smother the flames of Torah, many of her soldiers have shown their great courage by refusing to submit.