Aryeh Meisel’s Bris

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March 10 2014, Brit of Aryeh Meisels

I am fully convinced, as we sit here at this wonderful seudah, following the brit of our new ben zochor, now named Aryeh, that what is on everyone’s mind is, how will he grow up? What will his middot be? Is there any way now, of learning these facts? I suggest there is. We do not believe in coincidences. We believe Hakol Bi’day Shomayim. And if so, then we can surely look to the day, that Aryeh was born on, to find the middot, he has been given. So let us explore this thought further.
Aryeh was born, on the first day of Adar Shayni, in the year 5774. Can we not see his first midah? Mi shi’nich’nass Adar marbeh bi’simcha. Yes, yes, he will be a child who shall bring joy, to all those he comes in contact with.
Now, many of you may know, that for my dear wife and I, Aryeh is our fifteenth great grandchild kayn yirbu. And fifteen we know is yud/kay. And further we know that “yud” as a letter, stands for Olam Habo, for the letter is so small, it is impossible to have any machloket within it. And we further know, that the “hey”, stands for Olam Hazeh, as the posuk states “bi’he’ba’ram, Hashem created the world with a “hey”.
And how can we translate, what Olam Hazeh and Olam Habo, therefore come to stand for? It is said, that Olam Hazeh, is incorporated within the phrase Ahavat Olam, and if we love our brothers, then we shall receive Ahava Rabba, tremendous love from Hashem Himself. And would you believe, the gematria of Ahavt Olam and Ahava Rabbah is, the very year our Aryeh was born in, that is “774”. Yes, our Aryeh will also bring love to all, and thus through him, from Hashem too.
Now what exactly can we learn, from the fact that our Aryeh was born, on the ist day of Adar Shayni. The answer can be found, by taking the gematria of Adar, which is 205. Now if we divide 205 into 20 and 5, we come out with the following. Twenty in Ivrit is esrim, which has a gematria of 620, which are the exact number of letters there are, in the Asseret Hadibrot.
So all of the above translates to, Aryeh will believe in”1″ or Hashem, who gave us the Asset Hadibrot, as found in “5”, or the Chamisha Chumshai Torah. He surely will be one, who seeks to learn Torah, as does his Abba and grandparents
Now, many ask, why is the brit on the 8th day? The answer is obvious. We want the ben zochor, to feel the uplifting spirituality he will receive, after  experiencing a Shabbat. I could see it in his eyes today, as I placed him on the kisay shel Eliyohu.
But wait, there is more. Aryeh was born on the Shabbat, following Parshat Pekudei, wherein we concluded by saying Chazak Chazak Vi’nit’cha’zayk. Yes, he will be one, to always encourage people to strengthen themselves, to be like a Moshe. How do we see this? If we replace the last word of “ni’nit’cha’zayk” to chazak, we see that the gematria of Chazak, Chazak Chazak, is 345, the same as Moshe.
And finally, it is with the number “eight”, that we shall give Aryeh our beracha. The eighth beracha in the daily Shemone Esrya, is Refo’aynu, the beracha we ask Hashem for good health. Why is it the 8th beracha? For we know, that just as the Ben Zochor will be healed, after the brit, so do we also hope and pray, that all those who need Hashem’s beracha, will also be healed.
But what does “healed” mean? If you count the words and letters in that beracaha, you will find, there are no less than 28 words and 120 letters. And thus our beracha to Aryeh is, that Hashem give him Koach ( 28) biz 120 years, as he moves through life, with all his wonderful midot, as he assists all those he comes in contact with. And may it be so. Amen, and Mazel Tov to Dov and Meira and the entire mishapacha.