Yom Ha’atz’ma’ut 2014 Gematrias

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Israeli FlagMay 6 2014, Yom Ha’atz’ma’ut BAYT
Pessach is still fresh in our memory, and thus I thought I would begin today, by asking a question. Have you ever wondered, why the introduction to the Asseret Hadibrot, speaks of Hashem taking us out of Mitzrayim. Why does it not begin with Ma’a’say Bi’ray’sheet?

And then there is the last line of Kriat Shema, that also refers to Hashem, taking us out of Mitzrayim. What happened to Ma’a’say Bi’ray’sheet. I do believe, the answer can be found in the old adage, of “seeing is believing”

Let us put ourselves, in the postion of Adam and Chava, and the very first people, that Hashem had created. It would take a person of unbelievable faith, for them to believe, that Hashem created all that He did, in six days. But, but after B’ai Yisrael witnessed first hand, what Hashem did to the people of Mitzrayim, including the makkot, kriat Yam Suf, and the death of all of the soldiers, they could now revisit the story of creation, and truly believe, that it was Hashem who created the world

    But as an aside, we still had to take action, for the Yam Suf to divide. And this is where Nachshon ben Aml’na’dav, makes a name for himself. He jumps into the Yam and it splits forthwith. As a matter of fact, because of his action, of being ready to sacrifice himself, for the sake of the people, that today the highest award that Tzahal gives out, is called a “nachshan”

    And one thing more. See how aptly he was named. If you take the first letter of his name, it is a nune. This has a gematria of “50”. And we believe, that if we reach the 50th level of spirituality, that it will bring the Moshiach no less. And would you believe, that the last three letters of his name, have a gematria of 358, the very same as the gematria of Moshiach.

    And now that they were free, no more uvodim to Pharoh, they were now on the way, to receive the Torah. But to receive same, there was a precondition, which they fulfilled, as the posuk states,
    ” Va’yi’chan Sham Yisrael neged ha’har”. You will note what it states. All of B’Nai Yisrael, men, women, children, and even the erev rav, stood under the mountain as “one”. You will notice, that the word “va’yi’chan”, is in the singular. And thus it was because of their uchdut, that they were zoche to receive the Torah

      Now let us move forward to 1948, when the medinah was given life. Who gave us this? Was it the United Nations, or was it Hashem?
      The answer came rather quickly, similar to the episode of Kriat Yam Suf. When the people saw, how they were victorious in battle, over the five armies that attacked them. And similarly the same applied with the 1956, 1967 and 1973 wars. With this info at hand, they all agreed, that it was Hashem who gave us the Medinah, and the UN was simply His shaliach

      And yet there is one more dream, we have for the medinah, and that is to have Shalom, true Shalom. We have had enough of wars, and casualties, that come with the wars. So what did they have to do, to be zoche to live in Shalom? In this week’s Parsha of Bi’har it states, one should not harass their neighbor, and if you do not, then you will be zoche, to live in peace in the land. And even the term Ha’atz’ma’ut tells us what we need do. The gematria is 612, the same as Brit. And I suggest we all make a symbolic pact with ourselves, that this is our goal to live by, and if so, then the posuk we say three times a day, ” O’seh Shalom bim’ro’mov, Hu ya’a’seh shalom, olay’u vi’ul Kol Yisrael, will come into effect, and let us all say Amen!!
      Chag So’may’uch