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ISRAEL: No Friends in the World, But We Have the Ultimate Friend Above

Fixing Baseless Hatred – תיקון שנאת חינם

Proudly reconnecting more than 1,000 busloads of young Jews visiting their homeland.

Through interactive concerts, the Jewish Unity Project – פרויקט אחדות ישראל brings together tens of thousands of IDF soldiers, busloads of Taglit birthrighters and has toured over a dozen schools abroad.

To create a Jewish Unity Project abroad or on your next Israel tour, contact:

Ain’t Gonna Work on Saturday Lyrics

These are the lyrics to “Ain’t gonna work on Saturday.” After Googling the song to death without any luck I Googled the best search engine – my wife. She recognized it as an Uncle Moishy song from the very first…

Kol Nidrei Tune: Where did it come from?

Kol Nidrei. Among Jews of many stripes, this chant begins the holiest and possibly scariest day of the Jewish year: Yom Kippur. While there are different variations, the most common Ashkenazi one is as follows (courtesy of Yossele Rosenblatt): Perhaps…

Kosher Cake- Shlock Rock Official Video

Shlock Rock’s Latest Music Video filmed at Butterflake in Teaneck, New Jersey. Kosher Cake is the title cut of the new Shlock Rock album by the same name and will be released on January 30th in honor of the 25th…