Ours Forever – Another Dschinghis Khan Ripoff

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Earlier I mentioned about MBD stealing music from Dschinghis Khan. He’s not alone. Michoel Streicher is in the game too!

[gplayer href=”https://www.mywesternwall.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Michoel-Streicher-Ours-Forever.mp3″]Michoel Streicher – Ours Forever[/gplayer]

Dschinghis Khan – Moskau (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQAKRw6mToA)

What else does Jewish music rip off? I guess that here it’s ok as those Nazis stole from us so therefore we can steal from them (Dschinghis Khan is German). More info about Dschinghis Khan can be found here.

On that page, it says about Moskau,

“Their song Moscow was a big hit in Australia in 1980, staying at #1 for five weeks. The song had been used as the theme music for the Channel 7 coverage of the Olympic games held in Moscow in the same year.

While the group broke up in the mid-1980s, the German video for ‘Moskau’ was a part of the show ‘Disco’ on ZDF; as was their similarly-staged number ‘Dschinghis Khan.'”

Personally I find the ripoff to be in poor taste.