Weddings – Oif Simches – Only seeing you on Simchas – Roiv Simches

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A classic line at weddings are “Oif Simches – We should only meet on Simchas – happy occasions.” I am still baffled at that statement for the following reasons:

  1. Sadly, there aren’t that many Simchas to go to, suggesting that the other person wants to see you as little as possible, which in other words means “go to hell.”
  2. Should the person mean that there should ONLY be simchas from now on, we may get used to it and therefore won’t be a Simcha. For example, in the “old country” there was a time where the soft drink Coke was served as a dessert. Now it’s a mainstay yet we take it for granted. Therefore, there’s a need for sad/moderate occasions in order to appreciate the Simchas.

Therefore, I propose we say “Roiv Simches” instead. Let there be sad occasions, but the minimal amount so we can appreciate the Simches surrounding them. And, we should see people on all occasions, just the majority of those times should be on Simchas.

Any thoughts or comments?



******* UPDATE – March 25, 2012 ************

After having lost my son recently RL”T, I now appreciate why/when “Oif/Only Simchas” is said. It’s usually said when one is at a Shivah house or on a different sad occasion. The whole idea here is that “this should be your last Tzaar. You experienced enough. Now you can appreciate the Simchas which IY”H will now come!