Chillul Hashem on Sheitels – Georgie Wigs Speaks Out About The People’s Court Fiasco – All About Ratings

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Ms. Georgie has gone publicly on YouTube through VIN (VosIsNeiaz) on an exclusive video interview. She mentions how the second Sheitel for Heidi was express-made in 24 hours, a feat that impressed even her. Sylvia, the person that the Judge on People Court called, was Georgie’s assistant. She mentions that she’s shocked at the Jewish community for lashing out at Heidi and Mendy and that we all need to stick together. She’s even more appalled at the Judge, an intelligent woman who went to law school, who in order to increase ratings on a TV show, ripped their hearts out. It’s unjust.

One can see how intelligent Ms. Georgie is in saving costs by working out of her house. Perhaps Sylvia checked the “ledger” and didn’t see the brand of Sheitel first-glance.

The Chillul Hashem was therefore conspired by the media in order to increase ratings. TV is all about ratings, not justice or “doing good.” Let this be an additional lesson before anyone goes on TV. With TV, anything goes in order to increase ratings.

The full interview was posted on the VIN website.