Itamar, Israel Massacre – Two Cases of Ahavat Chinam

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Story 1 – Rami Levi

Mi K’Amcha Yisrael (Who is like Your Nation, Israel?)

Every day of Shiva – Rami Levi (who owns one of the larger super market chains in Israel) comes by the shiva house in Itamar and fills the cupboards and refrigerator himself with food for the family and guests.
Today – one of the relatives expressed their appreciation to him and he said you will get used to my face. I have committed myself that every week I will deliver food and stock your home until the youngest orphan turns 18 years old.

Story 2 – The Grandfather

For the record, the grandfather mentioning that this is a test for him to overcome is a vast understatement. I have personal information that this father, who happened to be a Rebbe in one of my Israeli uncles’ Yeshivot (this uncle himself is in his 50’s) for many years was childless until he had a daughter. Now he has lost more than half of his children and grandchildren.

To further accent the type of family this was, here’s a moving video of the family during happier days:

Happier Days of the Slain Fogel Family

Another side point: It’s interesting to note that throughout this entire week, there were few articles and even less press about the Itamar incident. This in my mind is akin to the Holocaust where very little press was made about the monstrosities inside and outside the concentration camps. As a result very few people knew that it even happened, and few today are aware of a holocaust even today.