Netanyahu and Mideast Peace – pre-1967 borders – Obama closing his eyes – Tochacha and Malchus

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A short while ago we saw US President Barack Obama explicitly stating that Israel should go back to pre-1967 borders which included a divided Jerusalem. An outlandish statement, indeed. What made things worse was when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke back to Obama, it looked as if his eyes were closed most of the time, as if something was overtaking him.

However, when Obama ran for President, he said numerous times that Israel needed to remain united.

On one hand, Obama really doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. Gene Simmons from KISS stated poignantly that Obama doesn’t have a darn clue about what the Middle East world was like, as the country is surrounded by savages but that he doesn’t need to live there. This ignorance is similar to someone who’s never been to the moon talking about the moon.

If we need to question both leaders’ backgrounds, let’s see them in their youth. As the saying goes, a picture does paint a thousand words.

I personally look at these events as Hashem’s message. The week this video came out was the week of the Torah reading of the Tochacha. This says a lot as when someone becomes a king/leader, due to his position of Malchus he no longer has free will. Hashem takes over and all of a sudden one sees many promises broken. I’m willing to bet that if Obama had free will he would have said differently, but he’s simply not himself anymore.

Let us take the recent events into consideration and mend our ways for the better.