Israel Says: Don’t Let Your Kids Marry Americans

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In a surprising ad campaign, the Israeli government reaches out to the millions of Israelis who’ve moved away and asked them to come back. Among the messages: you don’t want your kids marrying Americans who don’t share their values.

The message in the ad campaign is that when people leave Israel, their kids eventually assimilate to the point of celebrating X-mas, not mourning the Day of Remembrance (Yom HaZikaron), and children calling their fathers Daddy and not “Aba.”

As a proud religious Jew from Chutz La’Aretz, I only see lies here. Lies, lies, lies. In some cases Chutz La’Aretz is actually better from a religious perspective as religious Jews from “outside” apparently are better educated, less restrictive, and more “normal” than our Israeli brethren. One may say that the biggest reason for people going to different extremes is that Rabbis have too much restrictive control on the government, what with their “Mehadrin” buses with women having to sit in the back (illegal but rarely enforced), Kosher cellphones, banning of Kosher Torah internet websites (Atarei Internet), smashing of laptops, burning of trash cans, etc. Heck, if I was living in Israel, I’d be pissed off too!