Seven Strategies for Surviving the Recession – Strategy 3 – Standing for the Mitzvah of Giving Tzedakah – Rabbi Paysach Krohn

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Strategy #3: Standing for the Mitzvah of Giving Tzedakah

Here is another thing many people are not careful about. It is even mentioned in the Shulchan Aruch: During Shacharis, stand at Vayevarech David…, and David blessed…, and then give tzedakah when you come to… VeHaOsher VeHakavod Milfanecha, VeAta Moshel BaKol … And wealth and honor come from You, and You rule everything…

Why do we stand up at Vayevarech David? According to Rabbi Yaakov Kamanetzky, it is because people are doing the mitzvah of walking to the center of the shul and giving tzedakah. In other words, giving tzedakah is one thing, but giving honor to those engaging in the mitzvah of giving tzedakah is another. Giving tzedakah is so great that we stand to honor those engaged in it. What a way of sensitizing ourselves to this great mitzvah!

Tomorrow there should be a whole group of  people standing for Vayevarech David – and walking to give Tzedakah.


Excerpt from “Perspectives of the Maggid.”