The Time of Our Freedom – חג המצות-זמן חרותינו

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Year after year and generation after generation, we spend the night of Pesach

retelling the entire story of our exodus from Egypt in its every minute detail.

It is a night on which we try to instill into our children the foundations of our belief as

we recount the great miracles and wonders Hashem did on our behalf.

For those living in a democracy, the true meaning of freedom is often taken for

granted. Only those who have lived through the nightmarish Nazi concentration

camp horror can truly appreciate what true freedom is all about.

Yet, on the night of Pesach, when we celebrate our freedom from Egyptian

bondage and oppression, we must remember that the ultimate purpose of our

הגדה של פסח


redemption was קבלת התורה . It was at Mount Sinai that we were transformed from being

the slaves of Pharaoh to becoming the servants of Hashem. And so while we may

once again find ourselves enslaved to the modern Pharaohs of the world, we now

have the Torah which is the antidote that can free us from both our spiritual slavery

as well as our physical slavery.

It is on this night of Pesach, when we reaffirm and strengthen our faith and trust

in Hashem, and reinforce our commitment to keep His Torah, that each of us must

perceive himself as having become free from Egyptian bondage and pledge our

allegiance to remain Hashem’s loyal servants. As long as we study the Torah and

keep the mitzvos properly, we are assured that no power on earth can enslave us.