“And Then He Potched Me” – Country Yossi – Not-So-Fond Memories of Talmid Abuse

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country-yossi-logo-lg “And Then He Potched Me” is a song I recently encountered. Sadly, it reminds me of a Rebbe I had during grades 6-8. He didn’t potch, no no no. He forced us kids to “shake his hand.” What then resulted was him squeezing the life out of it until it really hurt. For those of us brave enough to withstand the pain, he would take his other hand and squeeze our elbows and forearms until we caved in. I remember going home afterward, seeing the black-and-green marks a couple days later and wondering where they came from.

In 8th grade, when he served as the main Rebbe for most of my Limudei Kodesh classes, he made it his business to literally kick me out every day. Not once, not twice, but literally EVERY DAY. It came to a point where he was looking for reasons to kick me out. To add insult to injury, he was a main driving force behind my attending OTI, a school for bullies, while the next year he received a newer, higher-paying job as vice-principal at a different school! *sigh*

I guess that after 120 I will hopefully merit to figure it all out, as I can no longer ask him (he passed away in 2006). I know we are supposed to remember people for the better, but I honestly have a difficult time doing so in light of what happened. Does that make me a bad person?

"And Then He Potched Me" - Country Yossi - Not-So-Fond Memories of Talmid Abuse

By the way, here is the original Goyishe song “And then he kissed me.” As one person put it, “Country Yossi: educating ehrliche Yidden on good Goyyishe music since 1971.”