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Megillas Lester – Pixar for the Frum Jewish Community

megillaslester-logo [1]A number of weeks ago I was enamored at a Pixar-like take on a Jewish Bible Story, Megillas Esther. Titled Megillas Lester [2], the story focuses on a frum Jewish boy, Doniel Lesterovitch (“Lester”) who attends a fictional Torah Academy (Torah Academy of Myrtle Park) where there are various school administrators and classmates. Doniel gets knocked out when a bookcase falls on him, and in his state of unconsciousness he vividly dreams of going back in time to Shushan HaBira.

All I can say is that B”H we frum Jews don’t need to be subjected to second-rate filmmaking. This is actually quite good. I was both impressed and blown away at the level of detail involved, the technical maturity [3] of a 3D animation project of this magnitude, as well as the scholarly research [4] that went into this. This is not your Zaidy’s Ten Commandments [5]! “So let it be written, so let it be done.”

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My only real critique is that it needs to be longer, especially with the price tag on it. Otherwise it was very well done, leaving the viewer wanting more.