Pintele Yid in an Arab Woman – An Amazing Story….

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Mizrachi2Soldiers had gone into a mosque in Gaza searching for tunnels and weapons,etc. a door opened and a female bomber walked into the room ready to explode herself near the soldiers. One of the soldiers realized that their end was near and screamed “Shema Yisrae-l.” Those two words made the female bomber tremble and was not able to carry out her plan. The army was able to stop her and dismantle the bomb. They took her for questioning and discovered that she is Jewish. She married an Arab and was taken to Gaza and beaten. She has two children and they are suffering terribly. She told the army where her children were and told them about where more terror tunnels are and who sent her to bomb soldiers and other information. The army got her and her children to a safe place in Israel and will soon be taken to get help from “Yad L’achim”.

The Power of Shema Yisroel….