Autistic Israeli Person On Why He Returned As This Reincarnation (English Subtitles)

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An unbelievable clip where an autistic, brain damaged person is typing an insane message as to why he was reincarnated as an autistic. This is a serious Mussar Haskel that should encourage us to be better aware of what we need to do to rectify ourselves.

Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi mentioned in a lecture that after this incident, the autistic persons’ entire family became religious: the message was that powerful.



    This is the transcript.

    0:00 Reincarnation (Gilgul Neshamot)

    0:01 I came back to this world – in a Gilgul – because I spoke Loshon Hara
    0:03 A Conversation with Idan – Brain Damaged
    0:17 Why did you come into the world in this form?
    0:34 Why were you reincarnated?
    0:36 Who were you in your past life that you were brought back in a reincarnation, without the ability to speak?
    0:45 I came back in order to rectify a sin.
    1:05 What did you do?
    1:07 What sin did you commit in your past life?
    1:10 I did something baaaaaaaad!!!!!!
    1:23 What did you do?
    1:27 I did something bad. I spoke improperly!
    1:50 I spoke in my previous life.
    2:01 What did you say in your past life?
    2:08 I spoke Loshon Hara!
    2:23 So the Tikkun (rectification) for this is that you are unable to speak!
    2:29 Why is speaking Loshon Hara such a severe crime? People don’t know.
    2:35 Why is speaking Loshon Hara such a serious crime, that one is reincarnated in such a severe state to rectify it?
    2:41 Lashon Hara, I think it’s bad….
    3:12 Hakadosh Baruch Hu (God) does not like when we speak Loshon Hara?
    3:22 No! It’s not good to speak Loshon Hara!
    3:45 Are you happy that you are rectifying yourself?
    3:53 I am a Tzaddik (Righteous Individual)!!!
    4:13 We want to bless his twin sister, who is here with us…
    4:26 This happened in your house. You remember this. You were there…
    4:33 Please we would like to hear from you….
    4:45 I have a brother, a twin brother, who is in a wheelchair – He is paralyzed! He can’t walk, nor can he speak.
    4:54 The Rabbi and Natalie came to ask him some questions.
    5:09 We come from a completely secular family, and he does not know about Loshon Hara.
    5:15 He wasn’t taught all the things that we were taught.
    5:20 He does not know about reincarnation and rectifying.
    5:24 He never heard about this.
    5:26 We only communicate with him only through writing.
    5:33 He wrote that he was brought back in this state because he spoke Loshon Hara,
    5:39 and returned in this form to rectify his sin.
    5:43 And with Hashem’s help, I wish him a Refua Shleima (Compete Recovery)!
    5:52 Baruch Hashem, I have been observing Shabbat and Holidays for 12 years.
    6:02 I recently went to a Rabbi who said that I have to give something in order to get something that I really want!
    6:14 So I decided to take on tzniut, dressing more modestly.
    6:19 I started covering my hair,well, partially. I’m taking it slowly.
    6:26 I thank God for leading me down this path! I go towards Him with a whole heart!
    6:37 Thank you.