Quilted Art Glass – Tried and Tested Things to Do With Kids In Israel

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Recently my wife, kids and I were in Israel, and one of the places we visited was Tzfat. Big Kabbalastic city that’s become more and more known for it’s art. One place recommended to us by a friend was to visit Kathleen Wasserman’s workshop at QuiltedArtGlass. QuiltedArtGlass is located in an apartment up a steep staircase in Kikar Hameginim, but is worth it.

Quilted Art Glass - Tried and Tested Things to Do With Kids In Israel

This is what you see when you step outside the store. Both gorgeous and a bit frightening!

The place not only offers unique glassworks made by the artist herself (as opposed to being imported from China like some other shops), but they also offer workshops for kids to make their own glasswares. My wife and kids made theirs and had a great time. Ms. Wasserman, who has retired and is doing this as a retirement job, clearly appears in her element and having fun while teaching how to properly make glass. In addition, she puts the glass in an oven to solidify the creation, and offers to either supply it the following day or to mail it with additional postage fees. Each glass “block” costs NIS 50, which is not unreasonable considering that one is getting the instruction and experience.

Should someone visiting Israel be going north and with kids, this definitely is a must-go.