Techeiles – Methods to Get Blue Color

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See this presentation below on how to get the blue color.

  1. Sunlight at a specific stage.
  2. Making purple, then steam in a very hot temperature (or boiling water).
  3. R’ Toporovich – even if you take solution and boil it, turns blue.
  4. Multiple dipping of dye, no sunlight – gets purple. Putting another white into same solution – way to make blue, though halachic problem with ma’aris sheni.
  5. Dips strings should be purple with strong reactant like acetone or benzine – turns blue.
  6. Prof. Hoffman – when you see the glands from the snail, if you use only the bluish glands instead of purplish, you will get blue.
  7. Prof. Koren – there could be a murex subspecies making more blue.
  8. Prof. Ehud Spanier – female snails make more purple and male make more blue. Problem: snails are hermaphrodites. Gender fluid.

Dr. Baruch Sterman, Co-Founder, Ptil Tekhelet, Author, The Rarest Blue At the Ptil Tekhelet Yom Iyun Marking 25 Years Since the Renewal of Tekhelet.
Young Israel of Woodmere, May 22nd, 2016