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Is Swordfish Kosher?

Note: Due to the post being deemed too controversial for the Kosher consumer, as well as politically charged, the original post appears to have been removed from the Jewish Press website. Interestingly, Natan Slifkin’s piece on swordfish remains. – RH…

Temple Mount Sermon Calls to “Slaughter the Jews”

WATCH: Call to “Slaughter the Jews” in vile sermon from Palestinian Preacher on the Temple Mount. MEMRI finds many important videos but this one is truly astonishing. Fight vile anti-Israel hatred by adding your name at Source:

Top 10 Spy Heroes


Whether there was a war or not, spies had an important role to play in the world’s history. They were the ones gathering information for their countries, or, sometimes, spying for other nations. They changed the way things happened, and…