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Ya’Alili Meaning in Hebrew

Ya’Alili is gibberish which sort of fuses Ashkenazi and Sepharadi cultures. In any case, here are the lyrics (courtesy of

יעלילי טאנץ חביבי

שתהא למזל שתהא, אי’’ה ביי דיר שתהא

את החתן ספרדי, כלה נאה אשכנזי
רחל אמנו ספרדי, מאמע רחל אשכנזי
באבא סלי ספרדי, רבי נחמן אשכנזי
שתהא למזל ספרדי, אי’’ה ביי דיר אשכנזי

יעלילי טאנץ חביבי

ג’ינה ג’ינה ספרדי, עוד ישמע אשכנזי
יוסי אבי ספרדי, יום השמיני אשכנזי
מועדים לשמחה ספרדי, א גוט יום טוב אשכנזי
שתהא למזל ספרדי, אי’’ה ביי דיר אשכנזי

Bar Yochai – Lag Ba’Omer Song With Lyrics

Bar Yochai – Lag Ba’Omer Song With Lyrics. I have looked all over the web for lyrics but couldn’t find one. So I decided to scan in what I have for the general public. This the best!

Bar Yochai Music Video by Breslov

Some Scenes from Meron

Bar Yochai Lyrics, taken from a Sepharadi Bentcher (click image to download larger one).

The lyrics with a transliteration can also be found HERE.

Lag Ba’Omer Sameach!

I Got Tefillin

“to put on tefillin is considered as if we are fulfilling all the Torah at that time (Shulchan Aruch)

This song was performed and recorded by Six13, their web site is This unauthorized video is by betosaadia and not affiliated with Six13.

“I Got Tefillin, and it’s wrapped on my left arm real tight…..”

Walk Like An Egyptian

Walk Like An Egyptian [gplayer href=”″] Walk Like An Egyptian[/gplayer] Run From The Egyptians – Gershon Veroba [gplayer href=”″]Gershon Veroba – run from the egyptians[/gplayer] Personally I don’t find it surprising that the Bangles, all women, are being imitated by…