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Meir Lipschitz (Toronto Torah) Cholent

A while back, I had the pleasure of eating cholent from R’ Meir Lipschitz of YU’s Toronto Kollel. It is very sweet and spicy.

Since then, I asked him for the recipe, which he kindly obliged, and have adapted it for my constant Shabbos cholent.

Here are the ingredients:

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Un-Orthodox – Hassidic Comedian

Excerpts from a TV documentary about Hershel Remer, a.k.a. Rabbi Rabbs, America’s Favorite Rabbi Comic, in his early years of stand-up comedy. Filmed in 2002, long before anyone heard of Matisyahu, and some sound quality was lost when transferred to digital.

Chinese Restaurant Folks Thank Jews of America for Eating Chinese Food on X-Mas

A bunch of Chinese restaurant folks are thanking American Jews for eating their food during X-Mas.

Which reminds me of an old joke:

A Jew and a Chinese person are discussing their cultures. The Chinese guy says, “Our culture is the oldest in the world, being over 4,000 years old.”

The Jew replies, “Well ours is even older, at over 5,000 years.”

To which the Chinese guy exclaims, “That’s impossible. What did you guys live on for 1,000 years?”