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Yeshivish Green Hats

Today, the Yeshivish thing is for everyone to wear black hats and jackets. However, most people will be surprised that this wasn’t always the case. Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, only the Rebbeim wore…

Gatorade apparently kosher in Canada without hechsher – most FlavOUrs

An anonymous Bachur had asked the OU (Orthodox Union) if the Gatorade in Canada is Kosher (as the OU places a Hechsher on most US-based Gatorade products), and where to find them. This was their answer:

“Dear (Ploni Almoni),

Thank you for checking with the OU regarding your Kashruth question.

Grape flavored and powdered Gatorade can only be used when bearing an OU symbol on the label. The other flavors can be used even without an OU Kosher symbol on the label.”