Why I Love Israel

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Before you boycott Israel!

Cool Facts about Israel

I am aware of BabySense, and was informed at a parenting class that it doesn’t in fact save babies from SIDS. Once the monitor goes off it’s too late, the child’s gone. Oh well.

Cool Facts about Israel – New & Update Version

What I find interesting about the video above is that it shows at least two pictures of the Bahai Gardens in Haifa (short for Hof Yafeh – pretty beach), where I once visited. The Bahai Gardens are a reference to anything but Jewish.

The DiskOnKey is also really cool.

Cool Facts about Israel – New Version – Israeli Music

Nevertheless, to make this as “well-balanced” as possible, check out the video below as well:

Cool facts about Israel | Refuted

With regards to the video above, the fact of the matter is, while I’m definitely pro-Israel and FAR from pro-Palestinian, the truth is that the facts from these videos need to be re-examined. There are always three sides to an argument: person A’s point, person B’s point, and what really happened. I find truth and falsehood in both video variations. For example, while I find that most of the last video makes sense, the numbers of 7 Israeli universities versus 19 Palestinian universities sounds a bit ludicrous. And, even if that is the case, what’s the quality of Israeli universities versus Palestinian universities? As well, what defines a “university?” If the definition of a “university” in the West Bank/Gaza is someone’s basement apartment, and that there are majors such as “Jew killing,” then we have an issue here. And, if a Yeshiva can be counted as a university for Rabbinic studies, then Israel likely has hundreds of universities, not just 7.

As well, with “books per person,” are Sifrei Kodesh counted as well, or are only secular academic texts/novellae counted? If this is the case then the numbers need to be revised as well.

On the same vein, it’s true that while Intel is Israeli based, most of Microsoft’s technologies are outsourced to India simply because they’re cheaper. The cell-phone in its classic sense, not modern, was invented in 1973 as a “portable phone.” Israel simply made it smaller and more efficient 🙂

What kills this movie is that towards the end you see that there’s a whole agenda behind its creation, what with “Israelis killing 11,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children.” Generally speaking, it’s the Palestinians that kill Israeli/Jewish civilians, while Israeli soldiers generally make every attempt to keep human lives, with rubber bullets and all, as is demonstrated by the number of them staying in prison cells rather than 6 feet under. How else was Israel able to retrieve a 2 minute video of Gilad Shalit if it didn’t have 1,000 alive terrorists to release (although, the fact that this deal was made only shows that savages these Palestinian Arabs are)?

I love Israel and am prepared to live and die for it. It’s for this reason that I’m saying that over-exaggerating facts from both sides doesn’t make things better. It just confuses people more and only helps promote war and conflict.