Tales of Yore – Rabbi Joselman of Rosheim e-Book for Sale

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Tales of Yore - Rabbi Joselman of Rosheim e-Book for SaleThe much older generation remembers somehow getting a hold of a volume of the Jewish Pocketbook Series. One of the hardest to find but most popular was that of Rabbi Joselman (Yosselman) of Rosheim, a highly influential German Rabbi in the 16th century. His stories were the stuff of legend; it’s a shame that no Rabbi or School shares his stories. Since the 68-page book came out in 1949 and was not reprinted, it seems as if it would be lost forever.

Not true! Copyright laws aside (does a book more than 60 years old fall under copyright laws?) I went ahead and immortalized the book in Digital format. Now, you can buy the eBook and take it with you wherever you go, provided you have an e-Reader.

I’m doing this not to stiff anybody here; I’m doing this because I feel that this is worth spreading to as many people as possible. The modest charge is to cover my time-costs in converting it into an e-Book, which believe me took a while (scanning, OCR extraction, fixing OCR bugs, formatting).

Below is where one can get the e-Book.

Lulu: https://www.lulu.com/en/ca/shop/markus-lehmann/tales-of-yore-from-the-life-of-rabbi-joselman-of-rosheim/ebook/product-1peywknn.html


Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008ZSKGC6