Rabbinic Terrorism and the Internet – revisited

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A few weeks ago I wrote an article on Rabbinic Terrorism and the Internet, where leading Rabbis in Israel were banning Haredi websites left and right, thereby preventing the spreading of Torah through these devices. It now seems that they have rescinded their decision. According to a recent YNET news article, certain websites like Etrog News are now live once again. Wanting to see for myself how far this has gone, I went to kolhaloshon.com, and found that voila! it’s now live!

It therefore makes one wonder if these Rabbis have finally come to their senses and realized that in exercising their political power, they’re turning away more Jews and in turn they become the community laughingstock. As Spiderman actor Tobey Macguire stated, “with great power comes great responsibility.” To act irresponsible, such as in Assuring the internet, portrays Rabbis as a bunch of children who, if they don’t get their way, create temper-tantrums and make everyone else feel like the overworked parents of these children, feeling miserable in the process.

It could also be that the Askanim have finally “faced the music,” as I would have hoped, and are now facing disciplinary charges for creating these Chilulei Hashem. Personally, I would fire them and make them find “real work.” That way, they would become more involved with the rest of the community and realize how foolish they were in the first place to come up with such bans.