An interesting perpective on marriage and children

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On occasion, I, like many others, will meet someone who, while still painfully single, complains and fumfurs, “I can’t get married and raise children! I need to become financially secure first, if not a millionaire. In fact, there was a time where I actually believed in that as well!

Naturally, becoming a millionaire won’t happen so fast. The average worker still makes approximately between thirty to sixty thousand dollars a year. The only time the average person will earn a million dollars is when inflation dictates that that is the average salary, and everything else will go up. But, here’s the thing. When one buys a house or car, and doesn’t have all the money “up front,” what does one do? If he REALLY wants the house and/or car, he first earns a little bit to cover the down payment, that person can pay in payments over time.

Now, if Hashem wanted one to pay everything up-front for a child, He would have had children born as 20-year-old, somewhat-mature adults. But, this isn’t the case. Hashem has the potential parents “save up” on maturity, and then let each child grow “in payments,” gradually until a certain age.

Now, Hashem similarly can give us the million dollars in payments. $50,000 times 20 years is a million dollars. Granted, one may start off at $30,000 or less, but hopefully that is made up, and then some, in later years. Hashem in the end gives us what we need, when we need it. We just need to do our own Hishtadlus by working, davening, and having Bitachon and Emunah that Hashem looks out for our children, and that He more than anyone else has the resources with which to do so. Why should He give money to those that aren’t going to use it for the right reasons?

Unless, of course, He’s so disgusted with someone’s lack of faith that he will give tons of money to the person so He doesn’t have to hear the person praying to Him. This is similar to when He gave the snake all the dust in the world. Hashem did so in order that He wouldn’t have to hear the snake daven for nourishment. Now, these are all heady topics, but you get the idea.