Internet in Landers Beis Midrash – Gd Communicates in Landers Through the Internet

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As an alumnus of Touro College‘s Lander College for Men in Queens, I was always fascinated when people didn’t initially believe me stating something peculiar about the Bais Medrash. That strange fact is, there’s a (terminated) wired connection INSIDE the Aron HaKodesh (Holy Closet that stores a Sefer Torah). Hard to believe, but it’s true.

Internet in Landers Beis Midrash - Gd Communicates in Landers Through the Internet

A number of years ago (1999-2000), my uncle Gidon Presser was working for a company called Corporate Automation (now defunct), leading a team of network cable guys to wire the, at the time, non-completed Landers campus. Apparently, at the time, the place that became the Bais Medrash was thought of initially to be some sort of presentation room, and a couple of network cables were placed in the area that became the Aron HaKodesh in order that one can plug in a laptop or monitor that connected to the internet. Clearly, this was before Wireless connections were harnessed like they are today. I was told that since then, there likely was a false ceiling covering the connectors, now terminated. Move the ceiling away and you can see the wires.

Anyways, I went through Landers not finding whether or not the story was true. How could I? To open the Aron while people would be sitting in the Beis Medrash, exposing the Sifrei Torah just to satisfy a curiosity would be embarrassing!

I finally find that Gd Communicates through the Internet in Landers Beis Medrash

cat6 rj45 cable hack
A year and a half after I graduated (I graduated in 2005, so it was Fall, 2006), I decided to spend the last days of Sukkos/Simchas Torah at Landers in order to be with some friends. Simchas Torah is the ONLY DAY OF THE YEAR where the Aron is open in full view, all the Sifrei Torah are taken out, and people are dancing. I then realized that this was my chance to find out. Amid the dancing and singing, I went to the wide-open Aron, looked inside at the top-left corner, and lo and behold, there were two unshielded Cat5 RJ-45 jacks in plain view, one reading i-29 and i-30!

Go know! Landers was more modern than met the eye! Gd truly needs to communicate with today’s generation!