Update: Lipa Schmeltzer Went to China

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Lipa Schmeltzer, the Chassidishe singer/performer, is now in China ready to perform at a wedding. Shortly before he went, Lipa was sitting in Helen Hayes hospital singing to a Bochur with a broken leg, and before that picked up wood, most likely from “Hum Depo” (Home Depot), for the purposes of renovating a Shul.

He nearly didn’t make the flight due to the snowstorm, and the preceding advisory. Miracle of miracles, he left earlier today at 11:00 AM with the entire “Ner Mitzva” family, leaving the rest of New York buried under 3 feet of snow.

Dare I ask if he’s going to sing Hentelach in Chinese there! Those Chinese will likely laugh at him left, right and center for mispronouncing everything!