Tasters Choice – Ah Gevaldike Kave!

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Years ago (1998-2000), I remember when the Agudah Shul on Avenue L and Nostrand Avenue in Flatbush was undergoing some serious renovations. Many of the Mexican workers on location would then take coffee from the shul’s kitchen while working.

Now, for a while Taster’s Choice was the preferred coffee since it tasted good and was more expensive than the other coffees. As a result, the Mexican workers would take that and there would be nothing left for any of the Daveners.
Tasters Choice - Ah Gevaldike Kave!

Therefore, the members of the Shul came up with a brilliant solution. They took the Tasters Choice coffee, emptied the contents into an empty Folgers container, then taped on it a piece of paper saying “טייסטערס טשויס,” or “Tasters Choice” in Yiddish spelling. Later on they abbreviated it to ט”ט.

Tasters Choice? Ah Gevaldike Kave, nu?