Jewish Whiskey Boycott – Scotch Whiskey

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Recently there was a counter-boycott placed on Scottish whiskey by Jews as Scotland has become anti-Israel and boycotts their products.

In the words of the Dunbarton Reporter, a British news site:

ANGRY Israeli nationals have launched a counter-boycott against Scotch Whisky companies, including Dumbarton’s Chivas Brothers.

The move was arranged by a group of online bloggers in response to West Dunbartonshire Council’s (WDC) decision to ban the importation of any goods manufactured or produced in the Middle-eastern state.

Chivas, which operates the Kilmalid bottling plant in Dumbarton, and the Loch Lomond Distillery are among the Whisky manufacturers from the area that have been targeted in the latest action taken to try and overturn the ban.

A spokesperson from Chivas said: “West Dunbartonshire Council does not represent the views of Chivas Brothers. We will be passing on any correspondence on this subject to West Dunbartonshire Council so they are fully aware of the potential implications of their policy.”

Well excuse me, but this has nothing to do with Israel. It has to do with Jews. When Israel is hit with a boycott, Jews of all nationalities unite. Before the state of Israel, people used to be more blatant about Judaism, and pogroms and expulsions were common. Today, Israel seems to get in the way of that, therefore the world hates Israel and would rather it not exist.

I can see it eventually happening where scotch is dropped from all the Kiddush clubs around the world. Say hello to bourbon, Canadian, Vodka and beer!