Court Clears Suspected Nazi Court Criminal

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A little while back, the Toronto National Post reported that Sandor Kapiro, a 97 year old Hungarian former Nazi war criminal who was recently the world’s most wanted Nazi war crimes suspect, of all charges related to the execution of over 30 Jews and Serbs in 1942.

The prosecution had demanded at least a prison sentence for Sandor Kepiro, who until his arrest topped the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s list of most wanted Nazi criminals. However, the defense insisted there was no tangible evidence that Kepiro had carried out war crimes. The Wiesenthal Centre denounced the court’s decision as a “scandal.”

Court Clears Suspected Nazi Court Criminal

“Today’s verdict is laughing in the face of at least 1,246 victims of the raid in Novi Sad,” said the centre’s director, Efraim Zuroff, who left the courtroom right after the verdict.

A one-time Hungarian gendarmerie captain, Mr. Kepiro faced a life sentence for his alleged participation in a raid by Hungarian forces — then allied to Nazi Germany — in the now Serbian town of Novi Sad on January 21-23, 1942, in which more than 1,200 Jews and Serbs were murdered.

Mr. Kepiro was accused of ordering the round-up and execution of some 36 Jews and Serbs as head of one of the patrols in the raid.

Honestly, this is a clear case where the world favors the wicked. Of course there’s no “tangible evidence:” With a 97 year old, who at his age is still alive and functioning well enough to testify against him? Besides, all other evidence  likely was destroyed over the last 70 years!

This is the world we live in…