FaceGlatt – Haredi Facebook

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Recently, YNet reported that a Social Network for Haredi Israeli Jews came out called FaceGlat. FaceGlat provides a full separation from men and women on its site(s).

FaceGlatt - Haredi Facebook

Here are some interesting Tekkie tidbits:

  • There are 2 distinct installations in two subfolders: one for men and one for women.
  • Each website was built on Joomla’s CMS with the free JomSocial component added in.
  • The web design firm credited for the website build, atarstar, has a broken link on the bottom of the website.
    ***UPDATE*** The URL for AtarStar now works.
  • Facebook came out a while back with a 3 month patent to go after websites with the word “Face” in them. I guess the patent has since expired, otherwise these guys would be sued by now.
  • In languages, when one hovers over the United States icon, the display text is for English of the United Kingdom!
  • When you switch over to English, the Hebrew tabs don’t change languages.

FaceGlatt - Haredi Facebook

I know that it’s a startup, but it’s always fun to exploit the Israeli mentality of “do everything in a rush, Yalla!” When you rush, quality and details get overlooked.