Rabbi Akiva Tatz and The Vilna Gaon’s Pi – There’s a Problem!

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Rabbi Akiva Tatz and The Vilna Gaon's Pi - There's a Problem!Rabbi Akiva Tatz generally likes to prove that the Vilna Gaon, also a famed mathematician, proved Pi from the Torah. Close, but no cigar.

The Vilna Gaon’s derivation comes from the Aramaic word “Kav” (קו), a measure, which has the numerical value of 106, versus the Lashon HaKodesh work “Kavah” (קוה), which amounts to 111. Rabbi Tatz says that the Vilna Gaon says to divide Kavah by Kav, or 111/106, and multiply it by 3. Then you will get Pi.

Only one problem:

Pi is (to the 15th decimal slot):


The Vilna Gaon’s alleged equation yields:

I’m still waiting for an answer from Rabbi Tatz.

Close, but no cigar.


Apparently there is much discussion on this. Here are two PDFs that talk about it, found from a page that has since been taken down. I hope that one day I will have the time to read them 🙂

Story of Pi
Story of Pi 2