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BEFORE THE DELUGE: THE JEWS OF BOHEMIA (CONCLUSION)Modern confectionary industries, which once again were operated by Jews, sprang up. From the trade of old clothing, which had already operated in Moravia in the 16th century, clothing factories arose. The two generations preceding the clothing designer Mayer Mandl also a founder of Moravia’s confectionary industry, were notable for old clothing merchants. In 1858 Mayer Mandl received “official approval for the production in mass quantities of all kinds of men’s clothing.” The Prossnitzer confectionary facility Meyer Mandl & Co. was a leading firm, not only in Austria but in all of Europe.

The Guttmann family controlled the iron works in Wittkowitz. Moravian Jews controlled a significant portion of the sugar industry.
[Translator’s Note: At this point, the narrative continues with the Jews of Slovakia and Carpathia. We will leave off at this point to look at the Jews of Spain.]