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The story with this Mezuzah is absolutely fascinating, as it shows the great power it contains.

The son of Mr. M.S. was complaining of headaches and sharp pain in the eyes. When he went to the doctor for a checkup, he was advised to see an eye specialist at once. After a thorough examination by the eye doctor, he was told that his son would need to be operated on immediately; otherwise he would lose his sight in one eye. The operation was set for the next day.

M.S. called his Rov and asked that they say Tehillim for his son in shul and pray for a refuah shleimoh. The Rov told him to have his Mezuzos checked at once. M.S. said that he had already had all his Mezuzos checked just recently, and they all turned out to be fine. The Rov told him to at least take off the one by his son’s bedroom and have it checked again.

That same night, the father took off the Mezuzah and brought it to the sofer. He asked him to check it very carefully. Fifteen minutes later, Mr. M.S. got a call from the sofer that the Mezuzah was posul.

The very next morning, the father bought the very best Mezuzah that money could buy and put it up on the door. That very same day, at approximately 2:00 P.M., he brought his son to the hospital for a final checkup before having the operation. He was extremely nervous and edgy. Imagine his great surprise and exhilaration when the doctor came out of the examination room to inform him that he had decided not to operate as yet. He had noticed a small change for the better and decided to wait a few more days and see what would happen.

A week passed, and to the great surprise of the doctor, the headaches disappeared and the eye healed completely. Even the doctor admitted that it was an open miracle. There was no other rational explanation.

Here is a reproduction of the Mezuzah. When you see this mistake it will really boggle your mind.