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Little Yossi was a sweet and cute-looking infant. Yet, when more than two years had passed and the child still hadn’t learned how to talk, the parents decided to take him to their pediatrician. After a thorough checkup, the doctor could not find anything wrong and assured the parents that the child would soon begin to speak. As more than another year passed, and still there was no progress, they became very concerned and decided to consult a specialist. After a complete checkup and many tests, the specialist was also unable to find the cause of the problem. Six more months passed, yet the child didn’t utter a single word. All day his mother would hold him in her arms, smile at him, and make all sorts of sounds, in the hope that he would thereby imitate her. Yet not a sound came out of his mouth. The parents were panicking and becoming more desperate from day to day.

One night, the father went to his Rebbe and poured out his heart. It was filled with fear and worry. The Rebbe advised him to have his Mezuzos checked at once. The very next day he took off all his Mezuzos and brought them to an expert sofer. This is the Mezuzah that was on his little Yossi’s door.


Yossi’s father immediately ran to buy a good Mezuzah and put it on the door. Imagine his great joy, when two days later his son began to talk. Just a coincidence, you say?