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The following true story comes from Rabbi Yitzchok Scherman, a Rebbi at Yeshiva Torah Temimah. Here’s how he tells it:

“A child in my first grade class was experiencing numerous recurrences of strep throat and had been placed on medication each time. I questioned the father as to the strange frequency of this returning illness. His answer was simply that the doctor said some young children are just very susceptible.

“After several months of this by now routinely recurring illness, the father came and informed me that his daughter had just been diagnosed as having Kawasaki disease – a strange rare illness. Never having heard of a disease named Kawasaki, I was bewildered and questioned him some more. He told me that the pediatrician Dr. Shulman, a well-known diagnostician in the neighborhood, also claimed this to be only her second time diagnosing a patient with this rare disease.”The father, quite perplexed, mentioned the story to the Debreciner Rov”, a prominent rov and world-renowned posek in Boro Park. He suggested that the Mezuzos be checked. The father did not immediately heed his recommendation as he had checked all the Mezuzos in his home just several months earlier. He then mentioned the incident to the rov of his own shul, who also suggested that he have his Mezuzos checked. Now that two rabbonim had made the same suggestion, he decided, indeed, to check his Mezuzos.

“‘Much to his bewilderment, the Mezuzah in his living room, which was adjacent to a hanging wall photo of both his son and daughter, was inadvertently placed on the wall UPSIDE DOWN’. Surprised at this finding, he returned it to its correct position.”Just one day later, the routine blood test was taken again, only to be diagnosed as having completely expelled the disease from the body. The child was healed.”