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These pair of Tefillin (see below) were worn by Mr. M.B. of Boro Park for twenty-four years. He had them checked a few times, but no one found the error. In fact, he had given them into 5 seforim stores, just four weeks back, and he had been assured that all was fine, although the parshiyos were not so mehudor. Mr. M.B. was having great difficulty with his breathing and had to be hospitalized. He had gone to many doctors, but no one could pinpoint his trouble. Things were getting very bad and his health continued to deteriorate. Meanwhile, he had ordered a new set of beautiful parshiyos from Israel. When they arrived, he went to Rabbi Shimborsky to have him put the parshiyos into his old Tefillin. After Rabbi Shimborsky replaced the parshiyos he decided to check over the old ones to see if he could still use them. Imagine his surprise when he saw that they were, after all, posul. He immediately called Mr. M.B. and told him to put on his Tefillin that very day, because his old ones were in fact posul to begin with. Ever since Mr. M.B. has been wearing the new pair he has been feeling much better.