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The following story was told in the recently published book Confessions of a Jewish Cult Buster.

Several years ago young Ronnie H. was wooed away from his ancestral heritage by a notoriously evil-spirited cult. Naturally, Ronnie’s parents sought every possible means to rescue their son. Thanks to the daring and dedication of a young Rabbi, Ronnie was eventually rescued.

During Ronnie’s subsequent period of detoxification,” his parents traveled to Israel, where they sought the advice of a Kabbalist, Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira. The revered Rabbi told them that, upon returning home, they should check their front door Mezuzoh. The Mezuzah proved to be defective in the first line of the Sh’ma, which reads, “Sh’ma Yisroel… Hashem Echad (One)”. The top right part of the daled had been broken off and appeared as the letter resh. Thus the word Echad(One) read ocher meaning “other”, i.e., another god. Not long after replacing the invalid Mezuzah, Ronnie became his old self again. He returned to his heritage and yeshiva studies, and today lives a religious Jewish life.