Rabbi Moshe Weiss on Shark Tank, Selling the SoundBender for the iPad – Worth a Watch

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rabbi-on-shark-tankThis one is a heart-warmer. A Rabbi, Moshe Weiss of St. Paul, Minnesota,  recently appeared on the Shark Tank introducing “SoundBender,” a simple but effective sound amplifying device for the iPad.

The entire presentation was both humorous and interesting, even more so for the Torah-observant Jew. Rabbi Weiss’ numbers reflected on interesting Gematriot. He asked for $54k in exchange of 26% of the company. 54 is 3 times 18 (chai). 26 is the gematria of the Tetragrammaton, the 4-letter name of Hashem.

He was also very straightforward, which is refreshing. When Barbara Corcoran offered him a royalty-based offer, he rejected it on the grounds of that it would be counterproductive to siphon off money from a business that’s trying to grow. “How will you get your money back? I will write you a check!” “Internet, shminternet.” Loved it!

Here is the video, though it’s censored for modesty reasons. Note: The video has been removed as it apparently infringes on copyright matters, necklace-blocking or not.

Here’s a link to the Shark Tank ABC website video page (It doesn’t show outside of the U.S.A… Bummer): http://abc.go.com/watch/shark-tank/SH559076/VD55268770/week-14.

Tachlis-wise, he ended up getting a deal with Daymond John for $54k at 40%. Personally, if I had an iPad, I might want one of these as well. Yasher Koach Rabbi Weiss!