Some Points To Ponder

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As we sit around the Seder table and recite the story of our exodus from Mitzrayim,
perhaps we should take a more careful and deeper look at the great miracles and
wonders that took place and see if we can shed some light on what happened. Let
me present some questions we should consider.
1. Some plagues were brought about by Moshe while others were brought about
by Aron. Yet, for some of the makos, Hashem did not use their services altogether.
2. Why was the plague of Shchin brought about through the use of soot rather
than using the stick as was done for all the other plagues?
הגדה של פסח
3. Why was Pharaoh sometimes given a warning yet other times he was not
given any warning?
4. Why did Hashem command Moshe to take his stick in his “hand?” Isn’t this
the normal way of holding a stick?
5. We find the makos mentioned in the 78th kapital of Tehillim, yet there they
are not listed in the correct order and three of the makos ( שחין כנים, חשך, ) are
missing. Why?
6. We also find the makos mentioned in kapital 105. There the makos are
arranged in yet another order and the two makos of שחין and דבר are missing.
7. Why did Hashem tell Moshe to fool Pharaoh and request that he let the Jews
go out for only three days in order to serve Hashem in the desert when Hashem’s
real intention was to let them go free and never return? Why use bait and switch
8. Why is Moshe’s name not mentioned in the entire Haggadah? (except as part
of a posuk).
9. Why are the answers given to the four children mentioned in the Haggadah
not the same as the ones given in the Torah?