Warning! Don’t Go Back to Mitzrayim

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While the Torah warns us not to go back to Mitzrayim, modern technology has
succeeded in bringing Mitzrayim right into our very own homes and offices, and
even accompanies us as we stroll down the street. With TV, video, cell phones, and
the Internet, all of Mitzrayim’s culture and immorality has become easily and instantly
accessible to all those who so desire at the mere push of a button. We no longer have
to travel to Mitzrayim to see what’s happening. We have instant access to all of the
world’s filth and culture through the marvels of the modern day “Tree of Knowledge.”
The ancient “snake” has given birth to many clones, constantly enticing us to partake
from its various delicious poisonous fruits. While it certainly can be used to benefit
mankind, for the most part it is used to contaminate the world with the morality of
the ancient Canaanites and Egyptians. The Electro-magnetic waves that Hashem
created to give us instant communication and bring the light of Torah to the darkest
corners of the world are instead being used to spread the evils of darkness. Men
have still not learned how to use this technology strictly for his benefit. Instead of
using atomic power to light up our cities, they use it to make bombs of enormous
power and threaten to destroy G-d’s beautiful world along with themselves. It’s rather
frightful to remember what happened to mankind when he partook of the “Tree of
Knowledge” and brought death to mankind. Let’s hope we don’t make the same
mistake and learn to use it exclusively to spread the light of Torah for which it was
surely intended.