Vehi She’umda

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One of the greatest generals and kings we ever had was Dovid. Yet he learned

the hard way never to trust those who claimed to be his friends. When Dovid ran

away from King Shaul with his entire family and took refuge with the king of Moab,

he found on his return that they had killed out his entire family, except for one of his

brothers who fled just in time.

Yet, today we still make the same mistake! We still trust those who have never

spoken the truth in hope that this time they can be trusted. We still sign peace

agreements that are broken before the ink has dried. We still allow ourselves to be

fooled by those who have already fooled us more than a hundred times. The UN

and US endorsement of a Palestinian State only proves that terrorism against Israel


When Iraq sent its missiles and attacked Israel without any provocation, Israel



was pressured into remaining silent and not responding. When Israel destroyed Iraq’s

nuclear reactor that was preparing atomic weapons to be used against Israel, the UN

condemned Israel for its pre-emptive strike.

By now even the deaf and blind should realize that the calls for peace are

meaningless and only allow our enemies time to regroup and renew their arsenals.

They have absolutely no intention of making a peace agreement with Israel until they

have pushed us into the sea. The only land that they will allow Israel to retain is the

bottom of the Dead Sea! All hopes that a Palestinian State will solve the problem are

purely a hallucination. All it will do is serve them with a legitimate site to hide their

nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass destruction from which to launch their

continued war against Israel. Allowing a Palestinian state within Israel is no different

than the US allowing Cuba to have nuclear weapons only for self-defense.

As the Israelis go into the Palestinian refugee camps and towns which have

become terrorist sanctuaries and destroy their bomb-making factories and find the

tunnels through which they smuggle in their weapons, capturing some of their suicide

bombers, they are being condemned by the UN for their act of self-defense. Perhaps

when these same terrorists try to blow up the UN building, the world will realize

whom they are dealing with. The world knows what the US did when the Twin

Towers were destroyed by terrorists. It refused to even negotiate with bin Laden and

his terrorists. Yet they expect Israel to negotiate with yerrorists who makes a mockery

of every peace pact they have ever signed. “Do as they do and not as they say” is a

common piece of advice that Israel should heed. Let’s remember that negotiating a

pact with a suicide bomber is in itself suicide!

And so when the American President, who is a friend of Israel makes a statement

saying “I certainly hope that Prime Minister Sharon is concerned about the loss of

innocent life. We certainly – I certainly am. It breaks my heart, and I know it breaks

the heart of a lot of people around the world to see young children lose their life as

a result of violence,” one wonders exactly what the President is alluding to. Does he

in anyway believe that Sharon is less sensitive to the killing of innocent children than

he is?

Is he trying to imply that by Israel targeting Palestinian terrorists hiding in their

villages and thereby killing some innocent children that the Palestinians intentionally

place in the line of fire, Sharon is not concerned with the killing of innocent


הגדה של פסח


M a n y

American Jews

where quite

shocked and

surprised on

hearing certain

s t a t e m e n t s

made by their

pro- Israel

friend, former

P r e s i d e n t

Nixon, on his

tapes. They

simply couldn’t

believe what he

had said!

Why is Israel

being held to standards different than the rest of the world? Does President Bush

have a better solution to stop the violence? Israel is the only democracy in the region

surrounded on all sides by dictatorships. Why is Israel being condemned for reacting

in the identical way that the US has responded in Afghanistan and Iraq? Military

attacks in Afghanistan have resulted in far greater civilian casualties than in the

West Bank. While Israel’s action was described as “not helpful” by the US, one can

only describe the UN’s vilification of Israel as encouraging terrorism. Such blatant

hypocrisy isn’t new at the UN, which once equated Zionism with racism.

While one would need a prophet to know what’s happening in the Oval Office,

our Sages tell us that “Chacham odif mi’novi” – that a wise man is even greater than

a prophet. We may not have any tapes of Clinton and therefore we may never find

out what his personal views may be, yet, if we just open our ears and listen to what

he said and learn to read between the lines, we will surely know his true intentions

and discover who our true friends are! (Note: His recent book has revealed his true

beliefs.) Our only glimmer of hope is our trust and faith that ultimately Hashem.

מידם  מצילנו  הוא  ברוך  והקדוש will surely come to our rescue –