The Fifth Son

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While the Haggada only mentions four children seated around the Seder table,
nowadays, we are unfortunately confronted by an additional one. With the collapse
of Soviet Union, thousands of questionable Jews have immigrated to Israel causing
a crisis of very grave proportions. Many of them have intermarried and the clear
distinction between Jew and non-Jew has become blurred. Like the “erev rav” who
joined the Jews on the way out of Egypt, they are becoming an increasing source
of trouble for our Jewish brethren in the Holy Land. Their true loyalty is always in
doubt and they remain a constant threat to our survival as a nation.
For many years we stood callously by as they registered full-fledged goyim as Jews
and gave them full Israeli citizenship and rights. It’s only now that we are beginning
to see the grave danger they pose.
The central crisis facing Jewry today is not the Arab-Israeli conflict but rather
the identity crisis within Jewry itself. While we Jews are already hemorrhaging from
within due to assimilation and intermarriage, the addition of a fifth column only
amplifies the problem of the secular-religious divide we already face.