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Here’s a classic question that I’ve seen in many of the meforshim on the Haggadah: What purpose could there have been in bringing us close to Har Sinai without giving us the Torah? After all, the entire purpose of bringing us toHar Sinai was matan Torah! So what do we mean by saying that just going close to Har Sinai was enough? What would it have accomplished if we wouldn’t have received the Torah?

I’ve seen various answers to this question. Some say that there was a spiritual experience just by being present at Har Sinai, even without matan Torah. Just being at the site of the mountain would have elevated us to a higher spiritual level.

Yet, I would like to propose a much simpler and more obvious answer to this question. At  Har Sinai we  were given  both the Aseres Ha’dibros – the Ten Commandments as well as the Torah. The Torah was later written down in segments and was first completed when Moshe passed away. Here we refer to being brought to Har Sinai and only receiving the Ten Commandments and not the entire Torah. This certainly would have been a great accomplishment in itself, even without having received the entire Torah with all its 613 commandments. Had we only received the Aseres Ha’dibros it certainly would have been Dayenu!