The Five Questions

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1) I’d like to understand how Shimon Peres who certainly would never have dared accept the Nobel Peace Prize flanked by Boruch Goldstein at his side, is more then willing to shake hands with Arafat and even receive the Peace Prize alongside this mass murder and arch terrorist?

2) Can someone explain to me why Arabs that spew forth hatred against Israel and call for its destruction are permitted to be Knesset members but Rabbi Meir Kahane who defended Jews from their Arab murderers was not?

3) Can some one tell me why there are no massive Arab demonstrations against those Arab parents that dare murder their own children by holding them up as human shields yet the media goes crazy when an Arab child gets shot in an accidental cross fire?

4) Why is there an outcry if a Jew gives an Arab even a single weapon that he later uses to kill a single Jew but there is total silence when our own government gives them enough weapons to supply a full fledged army which is out to destroy an entire people?

5) Why is it that when Israel retaliates with anything more than rubber bullets it is denounced for using excessive force, but when the PLO attacks with all the firepower at its disposal and kills innocent young children the world remains silent?

“Peace Now” is certainly a very worthy rallying cry and a great cause to fight for, but not if it will only lead to war later! We want real peace and not to “rest in peace!”

Perhaps the answer is that we are still slaves even today in our own land even in Yerushalayim and must continue to pray that Hashem take us out of our own exile so that we become true “bnei chorin” as it says “ein ben chorin elah mi she’oseik b’Torah” and then hopefully it will be “L’shana haba bnei chorin!”