A Look into the Crystal Ball

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One doesn’t have to be a psychic to predict what the future holds. Anyone using the rear-view mirror of history can accurately predict the crash and explosion that’s about to happen. The disengagement is no different than a huge giant boulder speeding down the mountainside into rush hour traffic. The explosion and devastation it’s about to cause can be catastrophic.


For months now, the Palestinians have been busy manufacturing more advanced weapons and taking pot shots at the nearby settlements. It wouldn’t be long before they make more powerful and more accurate weapons that can hit any target in Israel. Peace agreements and signatures won’t stand in the way of mad suicide bombers who have been indoctrinated to believe that this is the fastest way to Paradise.


Those who claim that “we are nearer to peace than ever before,” or that “ a new widow toward peace has now opened up” or that “an unprecedented and incredible delicate opportunity for peace is very near,” are sticking their head in the ground and closing their eyes to reality and simply deluding themselves as well as others. False optimism can be very deadly. Those who study what happened to Israel before and during the Yom Kippur War ought take heed. The war nearly turned into Israel’s worst nightmare because of their false sense of security.


Letting terrorist free from jail will only ease and increase their recruitment. Rewarding an animal with steak every time he kills a human only trains him to increase his desire to kill. The “democratic” elections will certainly make Hamas stronger and harden the Palestinian position. Israeli generals on the know predict a third more devastating Intifada with mortar and rocket fire reaching into Israel’s towns and cities. While the US has the option of pulling its troops out of Iraq if terrorism increases, Israel has no such option. The war is being fought on its own territory! No country in the world is willing to take in even a few thousand Jews, let alone over three million.