A Message from Outer Space

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Some scientists blame the recent tragedy of the space shuttle on some tiles that tore loose. Others blame it on shoddy workmanship. The Society for the Occult and Supernatural claims that a flying saucer or some other UFO may have hit it. Saddam Hussein is convinced that it was destroyed because of President Bush’s policy toward Iraq. The Palestinians claim it’s because of the US policy in the Middle East. Some supposedly wise men say that it’s because Jews have no business going into space. The French and Germans blame it on the Jew that was on board, while Osama bin Laden claims it was the work of Al Qaeda. Hans Blix says that he needs more time and more inspections before he can issue a statement and the Chief Rabbi of Chelm is calling a meeting of the town’s Council of Sages before issuing a report. Uri Geller insists it was a result of his accidental psychic powers while Rabbi Simcha Ashlag blames it all on Ramon’s faultykesubah. An Israeli judge has ordered a blackout and refuses to allow Sharon to give his opinion, while the Shinui party blames it all on the charedim. The United Torah Party is calling for everyone to say tehillim while the charity collectors are busy taking up a collection, which they claim they will give to the survivors. Sharpton assures us that if he were to be elected President, then he’ll make sure that it will never happen again, while Clinton prides himself that it never happened during his presidency.

Newspapers make a booming business feeding opinions, while readers keep themselves busy writing letters to the editor to air their views. Philosophers are busy philosophizing, while the mikva goers are busy spreading the news. Everyone seems to read G-d’s message loud and clear and, as usual, always put the blame elsewhere. After all, it can never be our own fault.

Perhaps we ought first realize that “Breishis Boroh Elokim..” –  that there is a G-d that created this universe, and that we humans simply can’t comprehend all His Ways! Even Moshe Rabbeinuasked G-d to reveal to him “Why the wicked are sometimes prosperous while the righteous suffer?” If we can’t figure out the reason for far simpler tragedies that happen in front of our nose, then how are we to comprehend what happened thousands of miles away? Let’s remember that the Ways of Hashem are hidden and concealed, and only His prophets can reveal His true thoughts and desires! If we truly want to read G-d’s lips, then let’s read what He has to tell us in His holy Torah whose words are true and everlasting, and whose lessons are applicable for all ages!  Only by carefully studying the Torah can we hope to understand what life is all about and what G-d wants from each and every one of us!

Let’s remember that when King Achashverosh killed his wife Vashti and appointed the evil Haman, people didn’t have the faintest idea what G-d’s intention was. It was all hidden, as is all that happens in Golus!

Have a happy and joyful Purim!