Amolek, the Master of Deception

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The Torah tells us that when our archenemy Amolek attacked the Jews in the midbar, they disguised themselves and tried to deceive the Jews into believing that they were the Canaani rather then the Amoleki. they knew that a Jew’s greatest power was his power of prayer and by fooling them, the Jews would pray to G-d to help them defeat the Canaani rather then the Amoleki. What brilliant deception!


Chazal tell us that the reason why G-d sends Amolek is because of our own deception of others in business matters. When we dare cheat others by using deceitful weights and measures, we are punished in the very same manner; midah k’neged midah  – tit for tat. It is then that our enemies are able to pull the wool over our own eyes and deceive us just as we tried doing to others.


And so, when we find ourselves deceived by people like Yasir Arafat and Saadam Hussein, it is obviously related to the cheating and dishonesty going on in our own society. This past year has been one of the worst in US history as companies such as Enron and many others have been caught deceiving millions of investors.


During golusHashem’s Hand is also here only in disguise, and therefore when we celebrate our deliverance from the evil enemy – Haman and his cohorts – we too disguise ourselves, for isn’t the entire story as told in the Megillah only a miracle in disguise.

Perhaps this is why one can’t find Hashem’s Name mentioned in the entire story. It is called Purim – lots, giving one the impression that it’s all random selection. Yet, a believing Jew knows that Hashem sees all and knows all, and that all that happens is really G-d’s Hand in disguise.