The Black Goat Leads the Herd

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Hashem leads us, in the path one wishes to go” say chazal. And so once again the majority of Israelis have chosen a leader that is leading us on a road filled with mines which leads to the edge of a cliff. I’m afraid to even contemplate what will happen when we get there. It seems that PM Olmert has learned nothing from the past and is following in the footsteps of his former icon despite his bitter end. He is still convinced that the road to peace can be reached through additional concessions and that terrorists can be appeased by giving them more guns and territory. To speculate in the stock market is one thing but to do the same with human lives is incomprehensible. It’s difficult to understand how people can be so blind and allow themselves to be scammed by those whose agreements are broken before the ink has dried and whose promises are as worthless as a $7 bill. Like in “Aesop’s Fables” we allow ourselves to cross the river on the back of a scorpion who assures us that he will do us no harm. We give them money to use for humanitarian aid so that they can feed those whose aim is to chas v’shalom destroy us as a nation. That’s like feeding a Cobra ready to strike in hope that it will be satiated and change its mind. It was Israel that helped Hamas be elected by their withdrawal from Gaza. This proved to the Palestinians that Jihad is the best tactic in defeating the Israelis.

How many more Kassam rockets must come flying at us from Gaza before we admit that we made a terrible mistake? How many more lives must we chas v’shalom lose before we admit that we are fighting a war for our very survival? From how many more settlements are we going to “disengage” before we realize that they want the entire country with Jerusalem as their capital and all our efforts for peace will only boomerang? While President Bush has promised to protect Israel from any Iranian nuclear attack chas v’shalom, we ought to remember what happened when Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia. “Peace in our time” was just a mirage as is today’s road map. Putting our faith in humans, even if they be princes or kings rather than Hashem can chas v’shalom lead to disaster! The Bush administration has enough of its own troubles and has limited ability to come to Israel’s rescue. And even if he means what he says, no one knows who the next president will be. And so once again we are left with the blind leading the blind. May we merit Heavenly mercy.